7 Critical Reasons for Microsoft 365 Backup

If you’ve already deployed Microsoft 365 for your business, then congratulations! You’ve made a smart business decision. But do you have complete control and access to your Microsoft 365 data? A typical knee-jerk reaction to this is, “Of course I do,” or “Microsoft takes care of it all.” But are you really sure? This report […]

Five Ways to Amplify Power BI with Azure Synapse Analytics

Gone are the days when organizations used data only for reporting. Now, they want more. They are looking to use data beyond reporting so that it can offer greater insights to their users. Using a single platform like Power BI could have helped if reporting was the only requirement. But since that isn’t the case […]

Cloud Control: The Print Transformation Playbook

Cloud is the number one “investment strategy” for businesses to drive digital transformation initiatives. However, lingering print infrastructure is a barrier to success. As cited by most CIOs, it negatively impacts cloud migration. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Explore the playbook to unlock the strategic value of print while driving your digital […]

Decoding the Foundations of a Successful Digital Supply Chain

Read this paper to explore why a comprehensive and scalable B2B integration platform is the foundation of your digital supply chain!

Accelerate Business Transformation with Lexmark IoT

IoT offers countless benefits to manufacturers—provided they can master all the data generated. It can generate new revenue streams, lead to innovative product design development and improve customer experiences. However, 84% of IoT projects stall for different reasons. Explore this guide to overcome these obstacles and discover new IoT possibilities while improving your business outcomes.

Get to Know the Cloud Content

Content is the foundation of all the work you do, but it simply cannot be leveraged optimally unless your content is in the cloud. There’s one solution which can change that. Content Cloud is the central workspace that helps individuals and teams manage and automate processes – while bringing better visibility into progress, potential bottlenecks, […]

Natural Network Threat Hunting Emerging as Key to Modern Cyber Resilience

In today’s world, cybercrime has become a business. Despite organizations spending millions on the latest security programs and schemes, cyber-attacks are getting through and are still a pain in the neck. Moreover, they’re increasing at a faster pace than earlier. Some say the problem seems to lie with the deployment and management of IT defense […]

Using Event Data to Turn Demand Forecasting into a Competitive Advantage

To make informed and efficient decisions, having access to relevant data on time is crucial. In particular, event data plays a significant role in providing the necessary context to make intelligent predictions and forecasts. Fortunately, the advent of AI and ML has revolutionized data analysis. By leveraging intelligent event data, businesses can enhance their demand […]