Accelerate Business Transformation with Lexmark IoT

IoT offers countless benefits to manufacturers—provided they can master all the data generated. It can generate new revenue streams, lead to innovative product design development and improve customer experiences. However, 84% of IoT projects stall for different reasons. Explore this guide to overcome these obstacles and discover new IoT possibilities while improving your business outcomes.

Using Event Data to Turn Demand Forecasting into a Competitive Advantage

To make informed and efficient decisions, having access to relevant data on time is crucial. In particular, event data plays a significant role in providing the necessary context to make intelligent predictions and forecasts. Fortunately, the advent of AI and ML has revolutionized data analysis. By leveraging intelligent event data, businesses can enhance their demand […]

Become a Factory of the Future

Learn how to embrace the Great Reset and key changes that primed for innovation in manufacturing.

Transform Insurance Industry With Process Automation

Insurance companies can complete their document-driven processes more quickly and with a lot less human error when they automate the processes.

EDR Buyer’s Guide

Learn which steps to take and what to look for when hunting for the best EDR solution.

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Choosing the Right Cloud SaaS PLM Buyer’s Guide

Here’s a buyer’s guide that’ll help you achieve and extend the significant business value of PLM faster, with less risk, and lower TCO.

#1 Microsoft 365 Backup Guide by Veeam

Losing data with Microsoft 365 is not an option. Boost your backup plan as time demands. Uplift your Data Backup & Recovery plan with this guide and keep your organizations ready for any data loss attack

Building a Business Case for AP Automation

Build the perfect business case for AP Automation and secure buy-in from your company’s decision makers.

Revenue Raisers: Get 4 strategies for Growing E-commerce Conversion Rates, ROI, and Relationships

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