7 Critical Reasons for Microsoft 365 Backup

If you’ve already deployed Microsoft 365 for your business, then congratulations! You’ve made a smart business decision. But do you have complete control and access to your Microsoft 365 data? A typical knee-jerk reaction to this is, “Of course I do,” or “Microsoft takes care of it all.” But are you really sure? This report […]

Customer Call Centers: The State of the Customer Experience 2022 Report

Some businesses get it right: when their customers call, their questions are answered, and their problems are resolved. It is quick and easy, and it fosters customer loyalty. Other businesses fail to provide a consistent customer experience. Their teams struggle to manage call loads, lack access to relevant information and lack the authority to solve […]

AI Is Set to Revolutionize Contact Centers by 2025

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A Report on Global IT and Tech Spendings 2022

Learn about the state of IT spending of leaders of the world and what results their prioritized technology investments have brought.

Accelerate Business Transformation with Lexmark IoT

Thank you for showing interest. IoT projects are adopted with keen interest – but most never see the dawn of the day. Call it skill shortages or lack of an integrated IoT platform. 84% of them fail. But not anymore. Explore a partner that understands your IoT challenges better than you do – and helps […]

Controlling Content Chaos

Learn about the fundamental changes in the dynamics of content management. Also, explore a single, intuitive platform that can be championed by IT and end-users alike through centralized control, reduced CapEx and complexity.

Flexera 2022: Tech Spend Pulse

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Digital Acceleration in Banking, Financial Institutions, and Insurance Firms

Digital acceleration requires intelligent data foundations, active financial planning, and decision-readiness. Check out the practices implemented by best-in-class companies.

The Future of AI in the Contact Center

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way contact centres work, drastically boosting customer experience while also reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. AI is important to CX professionals, but firms are still struggling to deploy and utilize this technology in meaningful ways. Only 14% of firms consider themselves “transformational” by using AI to undertake heavy lifting […]

Top 5 Takeaways: How Analytics Can Take State and Local Data to the Next Level

Explore 5 ways to improve data analytics for state and local government agencies, ensuring efficiency and transparency.