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The World Is Moving to Cloud Technology, Are You?

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Cloud technology is nothing new in today’s world. Many organizations had to consider migrating their databases to the cloud after the effects of COVID-19. Moreover, with the ever-growing volume of business data, companies are finding it even more challenging to store, find the stored data, and utilize it to its fullest potential.

Due to a lack of technological resources, many organizations fail to manage and store their data properly which makes it difficult to access them and harder to evaluate.

Yet, many organizations are still procuring traditional databases. You may ask “Well, what’s the problem with our valuable traditional databases that we have been using for decades?” It is not just about the rising problems such as escalating licensing fees and additional costs related to the databases’ infrastructure, but it is also about how many benefits these organizations are missing.

A modern cloud-based database platform can ensure your business utilizes the under-harnessed data to drive the business’s growth, reach crucial business decisions, and improve operational efficiencies in a much smoother manner.

Major Reasons to Move to Cloud

As of 2021, 2 in every 10 businesses had migrated their traditional database to a cloud-based platform. Now let us look at some of the major reasons for you too to transform your business data to a more secure and efficient platform.

Saves cost

To every company saving cost is one of the primary reasons to make a bigger decision that can bring positive results to the company. With today’s software developments and technology, you do not specifically need to splurge money on expensive software to maintain data.

There are numerous cloud platforms available in the market that can easily cater to your specific requirements, reducing dependency on others and offering access to data. As the data is saved on cloud servers, it saves additional time and money spent on maintenance and backups.

Improves security

How many times have you risked your data to data breaches and ransomware? A well-planned cloud provider focuses on reducing risks related to cyberattacks and keeps your data secure. Moreover, the right cloud provider offers security with end-to-end encryption that can ensure stability in the data, protecting it from today’s experienced hackers.

When cloud-based platforms offer security-first services and features, even previous failures in data compliance can be taken care of.

Increases reliability

When it comes to traditional hardware-based databases, organizations lose a tremendous number of hours in downtime that can risk the security of data. You never know if your data is protected during those times. Whereas cloud providers offer a faster uptime and take complete responsibility for backups.

That’s not it! They also guarantee to recover your data from any future disaster, saving you time and money. Now you will not have to restore access to the data as cloud technology can bring your business operations back to normal.

Eases access

Post-COVID, every organization was forced to allow employees to work remotely, resulting in reduced access to databases. Cloud technology enables your organization to access data from anywhere, anytime. It also allows a smoother day-to-day operation without depending on any other team members.

Simplifies decision making

As the cloud providers offer you the best features and capabilities, it gives you more time to make the right and faster business decisions. When the data is optimized, your team will find it easier to function and drive workflows.


As of now, more enterprises are shifting their legacy databases to an advanced and modern platform considering all the benefits they can provide. Data modernization is the present and it is the future of the modern business world.

Aiswarya MR
Aiswarya MR
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