Home News Vivaldi Is Launching an Email Client, a Feed Reader, and a Translation Tool

Vivaldi Is Launching an Email Client, a Feed Reader, and a Translation Tool

Vivaldi Is Launching an Email Client, a Feed Reader, and a Translation Tool

Vivaldi, the cross-platform browser by Opera co-founder Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, is bringing a bunch of new tools including translation services — with its new browser update. The new update, dubbed Vivaldi 4.0, is the company’s attempt to lure you away from Google’s services. With all the discussions and scrutiny the Big G’s third-party cookie replacement tool FLoC, it’s probably the right time to get that user growth.

Vivaldi said that the translation is powered by LingvaNex and all the core data is hosted in Iceland. The company’s tool offers almost all languages supported by Google translate and works across desktop and Android app to automatically translate web pages with just a click. Vivaldi is also getting three new layouts in its browser interface: Essential, Classic, and Fully Loaded. The last option will give you access to the company’s new tools: an email client, a calendar, and a feed reader.

Vivaldi email

Vivaldi’s new email client prides itself on doing all the processing on your computer so that you don’t have to give your data to anyone. The firm says that this makes searching through email a lot easier, and allows you to save searches and filters you look for multiple times in a week. It has a three-panel default layout — I prefer this setting because it allows me to quickly skim through emails without opening all of them. Plus, when you compose a new email, it opens in a new tab. The client supports IMAP and POP3, so you can sync your existing email accounts from services like Gmail and Outlook. What’s more, it has features such as queue emails for later, assigning multiple folders for certain types of emails, configurable shortcuts, and unseen and unread views.

Vivaldi feed reader

The feed reader is the next tool the firm is releasing. Its idea is to integrate your news within your mailbox by receiving updates from publications you regularly follow. You can also follow YouTube channels and podcasts as feeds.

Vivaldi calendar

Vivaldi’s new calendar offers multiple views, including day, week, multi-week, and year. You can easily search for events or meetings, and manage your entries with an inline editor. Plus, the browser lets you quickly create a meeting with the “New calendar event” command without switching to the calendar view. The company’s email, calendar, and feed reader products are in beta.