Home News The Digital Commerce Event Has Opened the Call for Speakers

The Digital Commerce Event Has Opened the Call for Speakers

The Digital Commerce Event Has Opened the Call for Speakers

MPC: The Digital Commerce Event, has opened its call for speakers for MPC23, the organization’s 13th annual conference and expo, to be held in August 2023 in Atlanta. Event organizers are inviting fintech, payments, and financial services leaders to share insights on digital commerce, cryptocurrencies, and emerging technologies and trends, with additional details on the conference to be disclosed throughout the month of January.

Marla Ellerman, Executive Director, MPC: The Digital Commerce Event, called this year’s event a show-stopper. “MPC has historically attracted the sharpest minds in banking, fintech, payments, and Playtech,” she said. “We’re on track to deliver our strongest agenda yet in 2023 as we assess the near-term future of digital commerce with leaders in the space.”

Ellerman went on to say that experts from Google, PayPal, Grubhub, Lyft, and many other innovators have taken the stage at MPG. We encourage you to consider Joining them and making MPC23 our best event yet!

Commerce ecosystem explored

MPC has opened its call for experts to tackle these subjects, as experts strive to make payments more seamless, secure, intelligent, agile, and accessible. Hot topics on deck include the following:

APIs, interoperability

Branch transformation
Emerging Card Issuance solutions

Faster payments
KYC, risk management
Mobile, digital banking

Billing & Payments
Disruption – cards, real-time payments (use-cases)
Merchant Settlement
RFP (request for pay)
Modernization of Payments
Digital Wallets

Blockchain cryptocurrencies
-Traditional fl and Defi bridge
-Institutional Crypto – disruptive finance
-Crypto-Fi — financial services of Web3

Financial Services
Alternative Finance
Bill Pay
Cross-border payments
Digital commerce
Embedded Finance

Legislative, Regulatory landscapes Market Research, Analysis Metaverse

Merchant Services
App Marketplace
Merchant Acquiring
Payment Facilitation
Saas, Solutions Selling Vertical Markets

Non-Conventional Payments
Cross-border Payments
Real-time Payments
Central Bank Digital Currencies
And anything that isn’t a card, check, or ACHAML, KYC

Security & Fraud
-Automated, Al-based solutions
Digital Identity
Emerging Threats (ATO, etc.)

Connections – frictionless transactions
Contactless payment schemes
Data Analytics; Al
Logistics; Supply Chain
POS, Cloud-based, hardware-based
Unattended Solutions

Embedded Payments

MPC encourages payments, banking, and fintech professionals to join these discussions and submit their proposals for keynotes, workshops and panel discussions by Feb. 15, 2023.