Home News OSU Has Given Cybersecurity Students a $4.8 Million Federal Grant

OSU Has Given Cybersecurity Students a $4.8 Million Federal Grant

OSU Has Given Cybersecurity Students a $4.8 Million Federal Grant

If you are into computers and cyber-security, Oregon State University just got nearly $5 million of added incentive for you to learn there. The grant money will help students earn degrees in the field if they agree to start their careers in public service.

More and more, computers are a part of our lives, from the way we communicate to the cars we drive and other things in between.

Along with the growth of the computer world, is huge job growth in cyber security.

To get more people trained in the field, the National Science Foundation gives grant money to universities to pay for students’ education and other costs. The expectation is that these students will then go serve in the federal government in cybersecurity roles.

Oregon State University professors Rakesh Bobba and Dave Nevin say 29 students will benefit from the university getting $4.8 million from the NSF, through the Scholarship for Service program.

In return, graduates are required to initially work the same number of years for the federal government, as they received the scholarship.

OSU has the largest cyber-security training program in the state, which includes a live cybersecurity center. Training students by actually working with local governments and non-profits.

“Many of these jobs require experience and so the cyber clinic helps students gain that experience, so they’re more competitive for jobs when they enter the job market,” said Niven, who is the clinic director.

Once students graduate, they will find no shortage of good-paying jobs to go into, both in and outside of government.  According to professors Bobba and Nevin, there are 750,00 current openings nationwide, including 7500 in Oregon.

The prospects for somebody specializing in this area are really good right now, and I expect they will be good for at least another ten years,” said Bobba, who is the project leader.

OSU has roughly 200 undergraduate and graduate students in its cybersecurity program.