Home News Because Samsung Is Passionate About Making New Inventions, You Can Enjoy and Live Out Your Game

Because Samsung Is Passionate About Making New Inventions, You Can Enjoy and Live Out Your Game

Because Samsung Is Passionate About Making New Inventions, You Can Enjoy and Live Out Your Game

Samsung recently launched a campaign aimed at giving consumers a platform to live out and share their passions through the company’s various tech and innovation products. Dubbed ‘Our Passion, Your Game’, the campaign was created with the aim of highlighting how everything that Samsung designs, innovates, and produces (Our Passion) is done with the consumer in mind – to create and build platforms for them to express their passions (Your Game).

Whether you’re a gamer, a music or fashion lover, a travel enthusiast, a health fanatic, a chef, etc., Samsung has a product that helps you do what you love, express yourself, and/or share it with others. It is your game and Samsung’s passion for developing these various products that blend to make it possible for you to enjoy it and live it out. Samsung’s phone cameras, for instance, allow users to record and relive or show off their love for their “game” or individual crafts or talents.

“Over the years Samsung has developed an array of products that help consumers experience their beloved crafts and things they’re passionate about. It is at the center of the company’s business and strategic purpose to create products and services that not only make life easier for our consumers but also allow them to materialize and practice whatever they love or care about. Everything that we do is deeply rooted in and driven by this consumer-centric approach. We want to tap into your world and help you share your game with the world,” says Dudu Mokholo, Samsung Africa’s Chief Marketing Officer.

To kick-start the campaign, Samsung is launching a fun and interactive social media competition that gives its participants an opportunity to have fun and win great prizes. That’s right! No work, just fun and you stand a chance to win in the #SamsungDribbleChallenge. All you have to do is use your phone camera to record yourself having fun by showing your dribbling skills, post your video on Twitter using the #SamsungDribbleChallenge, and stand a chance to win awesome prizes.

The #SamsungDribbleChallenge competition will be run in partnership with Metro FM and all the winners will be announced on the station. For two weeks, from 21 November until 5 December, the #SamsungDribbleChallenge participants can use any object of their choice, (a ball, a toilet roll, an empty can or plastic bottle, a shoe, anything) to showcase some dribbling moves, and record their moves, post the video on Twitter and tag @SamsungSA and @MetroFMSA. Just by doing that, you’ll stand a chance to win your share of R250 000 in prizes and R5000 every day on Metro FM.

You don’t need much skill or even be a professional dribbler or athlete. You just need to have fun and make it exciting. It is, after all, a fun exercise, and the fact that you can win some cool prizes is merely a cherry on top. Once your video clip is selected as the winner, you will be contacted live on the radio to be awarded your prize.

To add a twist in the tail and make it even more exciting, some South African legends including Marks Maponyane, Portia Modise, and Oupa Manyisa, will also take part in the #SamsungDribbleChallenge and show that they’ve still got it. They will share their own dribble moves and challenge others to beat them. Imagine the bragging rights of having beaten a legend. Can you dribble your way to the awesome prizes? Let the #SamsungDribbleChallenge begin!