Home News Anyclip to the AI-driven “Smart Video” Center at Power Zoom for Global Partners

Anyclip to the AI-driven “Smart Video” Center at Power Zoom for Global Partners

Anyclip to the AI-driven “Smart Video” Center at Power Zoom for Global Partners

AnyClip, The Visual Intelligence Company™ has announced that Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is launching the Partner Video Center powered by AnyClip. The “smart video” resource center debuted during Zoomtopia on November 8 and lives within Zoom’s existing Partner Demand Center, centralizing all partner-ready video content and enablement in organized, searchable, video-on-demand channels.

Zoom’s Partner Video Center will keep Zoom’s partners around the world connected and informed. All content in the Video Center will be fully searchable by keyword or phrase-written or spoken-allowing users to surface relevant information and answers within the video, instantly-no scrolling required. Automated highlights will also be available for long-form videos. To support localization efforts, all of the content within the Video Center will be instantly translatable into 150+ languages.

The corporate on-demand video hub is programmed with content from the Zoomtopia Conference (i.e., keynotes and panel discussions, demos, celebrity talks), and other relevant video-from onboarding and feature demos to webinars and more and will continue to be updated in real-time. The content is organized in thematic VOD channels using AnyClip’s Watch+ feature to bring ease-of-use and streamlined navigation to the online streaming experience.

“Our partners are at the core of our go-to-market and product launch strategy,”
said Joan Morales, Zoom’s Head of Partner Marketing. “Creating a partner-centric culture is paramount for Zoom and that means our partner engagement journey must not only be seamless but also optimized for education and awareness. It’s no surprise that much of that information and intelligence is contained in the video. AnyClip enables that video, unlocking the intelligence within content-making it instantly accessible and actionable in real-time, which is essential to our partner network, globally.”

“From the onset, Zoom was very clear with their directive-create a fully searchable, interactive video portal that not only supports discovery and knowledge-sharing but does so in a streaming environment that is personalized and intuitive. I’m thrilled that AnyClip has been able to address all of those needs in one comprehensive solution with our Genius+ platform,” said AnyClip’s CEO Gil Becker. “Like Zoom, companies across all verticals, now understand that the key to real-time knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer lies in our ability to unlock and leverage the innate data in the video – making that intelligence accessible, usable and actionable for customers, partners and employees alike.”