Social Media Has Changed the World | How to Fix It

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Do you spend a good amount of time on social media? When was the last time you looked at Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? Last night? Before breakfast? 5 minutes ago?

If that’s the case, you’re not alone, which is the purpose, of course. Humans are highly social creatures. Our brains have evolved to interpret social information, and we feel better when we are linked. This is a trend that social media is capitalising on.

So, what do you think is it high time to fix Social Media and why? And how you can fix it?

This is evident from the data. Around 7% of American adults utilised social media in 2005. However, by 2017, 80% of American adults had only used Facebook. Around 3.5 billion people on the earth, out of a total population of 7.7 billion, are active social media users. On a normal day, over 500 million tweets are sent around the world, over 10 billion pieces of Facebook content are shared, and over a billion hours of YouTube videos are watched.

The once-dominant, fuzzy utopian vision of the online community has vanished as social media platforms have evolved. Social media has become a medium for disinformation and political attacks from outside sovereign borders, in addition to the advantages of simple connectivity and expanded information.

Several fundamental difficulties with the social media ecosystem have been noted by researchers, politicians, and users. The proliferation of false news and disputes about the boundaries of free speech; platform control and transparency are two examples of how social media threatens privacy, election integrity, and democracy.

The MIT Social Media Summit gathered together experts to debate these concerns and brainstorm remedies, which included everything from new oversight committees to breaking up large corporations.

And this is one of the main reasons to fix social media for now and future.

But the question that arises here is how you can fix it.

#1 Limit Social Media Time

Do you spend too much time visiting each of your social networking accounts because you have so many?

If yes, you’ll need to figure out how to solve the problem. So, the ONLY thing that works on such social networking sites is limiting your time and fleeing!!

At the same time, social networking can be both seductive and overwhelming. You must learn to filter out the ‘noise’ to find something specific.

#2 Don’t Get Addicted to Social Media

Do you get so engaged in your social media networks that you can’t function unless you’re online? You become despondent, alienated, and reliant, which can be harmful.

I think that people nowadays need a strong social media presence and that if they aren’t on the major social networking sites, they are missing out on a lot, but they must know how to manage it effectively.

Don’t grow reliant on these websites. Instead, to avoid becoming addicted to the Internet, find some offline activities, friends, and methods to relax.

#3 Update Syndrome

Do you continuously update your status and read other people’s updates?

Make a schedule for how much time you want to spend on such sites, go there, share your news, quickly check through your notifications and messages, and then get out of there.

The more time you squander by staying to see what others have shared, seeing invitations to play games, or visiting irrelevant pages, the more time you waste.

#4 The FOMO Syndrome

Maybe you want to hear what everyone has to say all of the time. FOMO (fear of missing out) is a condition that makes you anxious and insane. So, how often do you go online and use these social media platforms?

As some of my blogging buddies have experienced, you must overcome the bad habit of being online all the time.

Simply set a timer or keep an eye on the clock and go as soon as your time is up. I know it’s difficult, but if you’re determined, you can accomplish it, just like I did.

So, except for the little periods when I am online, you will rarely see me on Facebook or Twitter.

Remember, if you want anything, you have to work for it.

Neha Verma
Neha Verma is a content writer who has 5+ years of experience in writing content in different domains and industries. She has been working with B2B & B2C industries and has created content for presentations, training, worked on web content, and copy content. She specializes in blogging, email marketing, and digital marketing content. Currently, she lives in India.

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