CES 2022: 3 Days Highlights of Unimaginable Tech

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CES 2022 was attended by over 45,000 people. For a multi-day event amid COVID concerns, this was a remarkable feat indeed. Yes, the numbers might be far lesser than its last in-person convention (which was 1,70,000), but it didn’t plummet the spirit of innovators who continued to amaze the attendees, as well as the rest of the world, with their unique consumer products. 

The Consumer Electronics Show of 2022 has finally ended and we here at Techmaster Node have consistently observed the list unique technology innovations from our home offices. Needless to say, the consumer product technology line unveiled by exhibitors hasn’t failed to surprise us. Below is the list of the major highlights of the technologies uncovered during the three days. 

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Day 1 Highlights

Of course, this was the busiest day, filled with introductions, keynote speeches, and some of the biggest revelations. Let’s see what they were.

PlayStation VR 2

A new range of VR headsets that will feature an OLED display with a 2000 x 2040 resolution, 90-120Hz refresh rate, 110 degrees view, and 4 cameras. While the price, or release date were not revealed, they are supposed to be here by the holidays, and will complement PlayStation 5 

Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector 

Imagine a projector, TV, smart speaker, and a lamp in one device – that’s Samsung’s newest consumer electronics for you. The freestyle portable projector projects videos from 30 to 100 inches, can be controlled with a voice command, and can literally turn any free wall into a screen.

Dell XPS 13 Plus 

Can you imagine a laptop that offers your controls of a touchpad beyond the touchpad? Well, now you can. In the Dell XPS 13 Plus, the physical pad has been replaced with an unmarked glass pad, and the top row of function and media keys have transformed into a line of white LED-backlit touch buttons.

Sony’s Electric SUV 

Sony makes an entry into the automobile industry by revealing a prototype of its Vision S concept electric car. 

Day 2 Highlights

Many cool and new inventions debuted on the second day of the world’s largest trade show, too. Here’s the list. 

Ameca Robot

Developed by Engineered Arts, the humanoid robot Ameca was revealed at CES 2022. The robot was first unveiled in 2021, but not publicly. CES 2022 showed the robot’s true potential for how it can show expressions of fear, surprise, amusement, confusion, and more. 

SkyDrive’s Air Taxi

A vertical take-off and landing aircraft is no more futuristic. Still in its conceptual stage, SkyDrive’s Model SD-03 is an all-electric transportation craft and is designed for door-to-door transportation.

BMW’s Color-Changing Car 

The iX Flow is the first in its category – a color changing car. BMW said that this type of personalization has never been available before and could initiate a new range of production vehicles.

OnePlus 10 Pro 5G

OnePlus’ latest 5G smartphone is a fast-charging, 4-camera device that will arguably set a new performance benchmark in the mobile phone category. Other features include 8/12 GB of RAM, 128/256 GB of ROM, and Snapdragon 8 processor.

Day 3 Highlights

And even on the last day of CES 2022, the best gadgets didn’t stop coming in. Let’s take a look.

Sony Bravia MASTER Series A95K QD-LED TV

This AI-enabled TV understands how you watch TV and completely immerses you with a customized experience that becomes better and better with time.

Mojo Vision’s Smart Contact Lens

Made with athletes in mind, Mojo Vision’s smart contact lens allows sports persons to view their workout stats and fitness data in front of their eyes. 

Airthings View Monitors

The latest gadget from Airthings can detect everything, from smog to wildfire, while giving you other necessary information that you would want in front of you always.

NoWatch’s Smartwatch

Meet a watch that can predict your mood. The watch’s sensors track your body signals to predict your mood. On top of that, it is the world’s first watch that doesn’t show time.

Noveto N1 Soundbar

Now use facial recognition to control a soundbar. This latest gadget from Noveto is another interesting advancement to soundbars that has never happened before. 

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