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4 iPad Apps That Will Make The Apple Pencil A Necessity

4 iPad Apps That Will Make The Apple Pencil A Necessity

Today, life without an iPad can seem unfathomable to many people. Truly, the iPad has become a popular device in education, business, and entertainment. The Apple Pencil is one other tool that can bring out the best an iPad has to offer. But, without the right apps on your iPad, you cannot realize the true worth of having an Apple Pencil. 

Here are a few iPad apps that will make you question how you managed to use your iPad without an Apple Pencil. Let us find out just how useful Apple’s stylus can be. These iPad apps make the Apple Pencil a real necessity.


Procreate lists among the best for professional creative apps on an iPad compatible with the Apple Pencil. Procreate offers artists several different brushes that are pressure sensitive and respond to how the Apple Pencil is held against the screen. The paint choices offered in Procreate are extremely vibrant and you would be forgiven for thinking you were splashing color on a physical canvas. 

So, if you are in Graphic Design or photo editing, you can use your Apple Pencil as a productivity tool and the $9.99 price tag for Procreate would be money well spent. 

Astropad Standard

The latest lineup of iPads has a cool feature: Sidecar Mode. This can be a blessing for those of you who prefer to work more efficiently on a secondary monitor. 

However, Sidecar Mode has limited features and if you are looking to use your Apple Pencil on the screen of your MacBook, you may be disappointed.  

Astropad Standard can come to your rescue. This is a screen mirroring tool that transforms your iPad into a drawing surface. The app is built for low latency and is pretty responsive.

Goodnotes 5 

For iPad users looking for a quality note-taking app, they need look no further than Goodnotes 5 that retails on the AppStore for $7.99. A versatile app to use when you need to jot down quick notes, Goodnotes 5 comes in handy when you need to get a lot of information onto – digital – paper fast. 


For architects and 3D modeling enthusiasts out there, uMake is an affordable and easily accessible design app for iPads compatible with the Apple Pencil. 

uMake supports most major 3D file formats, can render in real-time, and display objects in Augmented Reality. This app is packed with a variety of templates and pre-built designs for 3D amateurs. uMake is available on the AppStore for $95.99 per year or $15.99 per month. Plus, there is a two-week trial period if you sign up for an annual plan. 

Closing thoughts

Go ahead! Explore the full potential of your Apple Pencil with any (or all) of the nifty apps listed in this article.   

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