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Everything to Know About Wireless Electricity

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One of the futuristic ideas that has waded its way through upcoming reality is wireless electricity. We have seen the success of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, electric vehicles, Wi-Fi, etc., in recent years and we are ready for more.  

The concept of wireless electricity is not new to the world. Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla Coil that could produce and transmit electricity without the physical connection of copper wires. Unfortunately, due to its limitations in covering distances, further development of the technology has dropped until now.

It is not very manageable to organize all the wires that are present in our workspace. That is why we have wireless products such as wireless mouses, earphones, headphones, and more.

Origin of Wireless Electricity

In 1891, Nikola Tesla designed the coil as per his experience with the theories and practice of using the earth’s atmosphere to generate electricity. During one of his experiments, Tesla successfully powered up a few light bulbs that were about 25 miles away from the source of power without using any wires. Around that time, it was a huge triumph. 

But just the invention of wireless electricity was not enough. The project would only be a real success when the electricity reaches a longer distance. As the research had some extensive curbing of funds, further advancements were not possible at that time. 

How does it work?

After the discovery of alternating current (AC), it was known that we could create a magnetic field. AC would generate once a magnetic field was swung back and forth and by adding a wire into the field.

Normally, a transmitter has to be placed so it can convert AC into a magnetic field. Once the magnetic field is located, it is converted back to AC. The magnetic field has to transmit a farther distance to work as wireless electricity and that is what the researchers are working on.  

New Zealand Paving the Way

Many countries have begun their research on wireless electricity and the methods through which it can be transmitted in a cost-effective way. And New Zealand might be the first country to achieve success in commercializing wireless electricity to a longer distance. 

Emrod is a start-up in New Zealand that is currently experimenting with wireless transmission of electricity. If the project becomes successful, electricity will be available to the country without copper wires. The start-up hopes for a low-cost and smooth power supply with the help of the finest minds.

Other Inventions

WiTricity, an American wireless charging tech company is expected to introduce a technology that can charge electric vehicles as they are parked using wireless technology. Motorola is another company that might come up with mobile phones that can be charged in the air without using any wires.

Xiaomi also has started its development with mobile phones that can also be charged the same way as Motorola. 

In the near future, we are expected to witness a few more inventions that are developed through the technology of wireless electricity. What do you think about this concept? 

Aiswarya MR
Aiswarya MR
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