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Commercial Printers: How Epson Changed the Game 

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When the Japanese decide to build something, companies around the world start shaking in their boots. The same happened in 2015 when Epson launched its home and commercial use printer, the EcoTank model, in North America. Till then, all printer manufacturers considered the revenue from sale of printers to be negligible and instead depended on the continuous purchase of ink cartridges.

These cartridges used to run out fast and buying them regularly was a costly expenditure. Epson, as one of the oldest players in the field, decided to change the game. It started to work on creating a type of printer that used refillable bottle technology for ink. But was this the only reason that led to their success?

Epson became the premier choice in the commercial printer market for the following reasons.

The innovation displayed by Epson revolutionized the industry with many other manufacturers following suit.

Refillable Bottles

Printers were cheap and ink cartridges were expensive. This was the state of the industry. The EcoTank was the first to launch refillable ink bottles. These were bottles that held a larger quantity of ink compared to cartridges thus changing the system. Soon, many consumers realized the necessity of this innovation and made the switch.

High Initial Costs

While it made a technological leap, the research and development along with other manufacturing and distribution costs made the buying price of the product quite high. This made some hesitate to purchase the product as it would be an expensive investment. But the other reasons mentioned below eventually turned many over.

Optimized Costs Per Page

These printers are known for their ability to churn out multiple pages per minute while keeping the cost per page low. For business use, this is a critical factor as there are many necessary documents that keep the print volume for firms high.

High Quality Prints

The upgrade in printers has also led to the rapid improvement in print quality. Epson maintains its position among the top to produce high quality prints.

Durable and Reliable

As volume is important in office use, the build quality of the machine and its functioning parts must be robust. This means that even after regular use the printer should retain functionality without requiring too much maintenance or repairs.

Conclusion: Epson EcoTank, the Commercial Choice

Naturally, the final choice of purchasing a printer revolves around many factors. The EcoTank range by Epson delivers a solid performance when it comes to refillability, low cost per page, low maintenance and repair charges while being reliable enough to provide high quality prints. Though the initial investment is high, securing this printer for your office is the right move.

Abhishek Pattanaik
Abhishek Pattanaik
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