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Boost Employee Compliance Training with These 5 Tips

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Compliance training keeps your workforce up to date on the laws and regulations applicable to their role. Traditionally taught through eLearning, compliance training must utilize interactive learning strategies to better engage employees and make their training worthwhile. 

It also brings far-reaching positive attributes to the well-being of your business. Firstly, training helps to minimize the number of policy breaches. Secondly, when a breach has occurred, reputational damage and sanctions can be minimized. This can happen if the company has an adequate compliance regime that includes the training of employees. 

Hence, compliance training and its effectiveness are important aspects of the operation of all companies subject to regulatory requirements. So, how can organizations ensure that their compliance training is effective? We’ve got 5 top tips to help with that. 

Use burst learning

Burst learning is a modular, scalable training approach using bite-sized chunks of training. Short eLearning bursts can be developed using responsive design to make one build available on mobile devices including iPads and smartphones. 

Burst learning boasts its value in reducing seat time because it allows training to be slotted in between tasks, or even in pockets of time off-site, such as waiting in the café queue or during the commute home. It is easier and more cost-effective to deliver refresher training and update content given the modular structure.

Create awareness around the training

To get employees excited about their upcoming training, your organization should consider sending out information before the training takes place, including:

  • Emails with infographics
  • Informational videos
  • Newsletters

These materials will allow your employees to see the value your organization places on compliance training and are likely to make them look forward to learning more. 

Explore virtual reality as a training option

VR places employees in an interactive learning environment where they can take risks and learn from mistakes. Through a multi-sensory experience, learners experience all the real-life sights and sounds of their work environment. 

For example, for a safety training activity, VR can be used to transport warehouse employees to their work environment via headset. Once learners are there, they can practice the proper protocol in the event of an emergency. 

Leverage an LMS

A Learning Management Solution (LMS) can serve as a centralized data repository to hold training records, competencies, certificates, and more, accessible whenever and wherever needed, and providing a summary of each employee’s real-time status, history, and future compliance training schedules.  

Avoid content overload

With compliance training, it’s easy to overload learners with too much information. Organizations should avoid doing this as much as they can because learners will be less likely to retain the information they’ve been presented. 

To avoid content overload in compliance training, organizations should ensure they have a clear, organized presentation of information. For example, you could break learning into small chunks, use a variety of media, or turn your content into a variety of interactions. 

Closing thought

Compliance training has huge benefits for organizations, from managing regulatory risk to improving performance and nurturing trust. 

Your employees deserve more than just compliance training, they deserve compliance learning.  Get your employees involved in the process and demonstrate transparency.  Create a strong culture of compliance and reduce risk by putting forth the same level of effort, innovation, and leadership involvement for compliance training as with any other learning initiative.  

Megha Mayuri
Megha Mayuri
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