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7 Principles That Makes Elon Musk Successful (in Everything He Does)

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He’s a billionaire. He owns some of the world’s most promising and futuristic companies operating at the present. He wants to prevent any chances of existential crisis by turning humans from an earth-residing civilization into a spacefaring civilization. He’s Elon Musk. 

Musk’s today’s dreams are humanity’s tomorrow. The way this entrepreneur starts his goals and is directed towards achieving them is something brilliant. The force driving within him is so consistent that he is never stopped by failure, even if the failure is worth billions of dollars. Few of his current projects were instant successes, but he knew how to turn them around. So, how does he do that? What is his key to success?

It is Elon’s principles that make him never shy away from his dreams, no matter how insane they sound. It is a set of rules that he truly believes in and follows for every venture he invests in. 

So, what are these Principles Elon Musk follows? Is there a definite number of rules? 

There is actually, and we have found 7. Let’s discover them.

#1. Have a (strong) “why”

With Musk, his why is “sustainability.” When he wanted to create a space and rocket company, he wasn’t willing to create another NASA that would invest billions of dollars in expendable rocket components that are lost in the first launch. Instead, he wanted to recycle as many components of the rockets as possible after the detachable portion gets separated when a rocket reaches space. 

#2. Never fear “failure”

We have been told that multiple times since we stepped into our first grades. Still, we all fear failure. We never wish to fail. However, failure is the “first step” for Elon. 

He never thought his electric car-making company Tesla would be a success. “I thought that the most likely outcome would be failure,” Elon Musk said about Tesla in an interview. Outcomes don’t matter when your dreams are bigger than the reality.  

#3. Make “sacrifices”

The first three rockets that SpaceX launched were failures. And if it weren’t for the fourth Falcon rocket’s success, SpaceX’s death was inevitable.

#4. Take “risks”

It has happened more than once that Musk would end up investing everything he has and will not see the face of success until he actually succeeds. 

#5. Ask the right “questions”

Elon Musk says, “if you can properly frame the questions, then the answer is the easy part.” Scaling our consciousness and achieving greater enlightenment is the road to asking the right questions. 

#6. Disrupt the industry

He disrupted the banking industry with X.com, which later developed into PayPal. 

#7. Make things “happen”

And in the end, make your dream come true. Ideas will not be revolutionary until they are executed. Elon Musk knew his dreams of landing on the Moon or establishing colonies on Mars would not be supported by the Government. So he built a private company to make it happen.

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Suraj Jaiswal
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