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6 Best Business Intelligence Tools You Must Try Now

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Your company collects data on sales, marketing, hiring, performance, profitability, and more. All these data points exist in isolation, making it difficult for the top management to connect the dots. With the amount of data businesses gather daily, it becomes a herculean task to obtain relevant information without external assistance. But thanks to technology, today, you have something called business intelligence tools. These are the pro tools that engulf all the voluminous data you feed them with and provide you with results in an actionable way. This saves you a lot of time, and effort and also offers everything you need to make critical business decisions.

Business intelligence tools are not a new concept. More than 46% of businesses are already using these tools as a core part of their business strategy.

6 Best Business Intelligent Tools to Consider

So, if you wish to commence your journey with BI tools, we bring you the top 7 ones you must try. Let’s deep dive.

1. Tableau

If you love visualizing data in different forms with just a few clicks, Tableau dashboards are the best. They can collate all data in one place and offer insights into anything you want – customer journey, spending, website traffic, and more. From HR, IT, finance, marketing, sales, and banking, Tableau offers tailor-made versions for all these sectors. Since it is integrated with AI and natural language processing, Tableau helps you view exactly what you want to see. Tableau business intelligence tools are one of the best solutions for any mid-size to large enterprise.

2. Microsoft Power BI

This suite provides you with the top Microsoft business intelligence tools. This suite comes with interactive tools to help you create the best dashboards and reports. It offers augmented analytics, data preparation, visual-based discovery, and other features. Microsoft Power BI comes both as a cloud-based and desktop-based service. You can even download the Power BI software and conveniently use it for your business. Before choosing the paid version, you can enjoy the 60-day trial version that allows you to prep data by connecting with other Microsoft applications, Facebook, Sybase, etc.

3. Zoho Analytics

With more than a decade in business intelligence, this Indian tech giant is renowned for its BI analytics suite. Zoho offers self-service business intelligence and analytics solutions that immensely help you with dashboards and report creation. The major benefit of Zoho Analytics is that you can blend data from any resource to create the most informative and visually attractive reports. You can use the simple online interface and the drag-and-drop options to generate insightful reports quickly.

4. Qlik

As the name suggests, this easy-to-use business intelligence tool enables marketers to search, consolidate, analyze, and visualize data easily and understandably. Qlik comes with an Associative Engine that can connect each data point with other data points, making your search quicker and easier. Now, the Associative Engine comes with AI and ML features that offer you better insights into your data. You can use Qlik from anywhere, anytime, and create the most detailed reports.

5. Google Data Studio

Although recently launched as part of the Google Analytics 360 suite, Google Data Studio promises you the best reports and dashboards based on your data. You can convert any data into visually attractive and seemingly informative reports and showcase them to your clients and stakeholders. Like other Google tools, Google Data Studio is quite easy to handle. It can transform data into charts and graphs and also allow easy sharing of reports. Don’t forget to try its ready-to-use marketing templates!

6. Sisense

Sisense aims to simplify data complexities with IoT, AI, and ML. This business intelligence tool is popular among Fortune 500 companies and can now solve your problems as well. This enterprise BI is run in the cloud or on-premises, giving you complete flexibility. Sisense is well-known for its embedded business intelligence uses. It is proactively used across diverse sectors like HR, finance, marketing, IT, sales, logistics, customer service, and more.


With this, we come to the end of our list of the best business intelligence tools you must consider. Use the one that suits best for your business and offers you insights that you are looking for. Don’t forget to share your experience with any of these tools in the comments below.

Prachi Subhedar
Prachi Subhedar
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