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5 Best Crypto Podcasts That Beginners Must Follow

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The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is developing rapidly. To gain in-depth knowledge, several crypto podcasts are available online. If you are looking for great resources to understand cryptocurrency investing, crypto podcasts are a great starting point. Most books written on these topics are quite old.

To keep pace with the ever-evolving bitcoin and crypto, you can rely on and learn a lot from podcasts. But with so much audio and video content out there, how will you identify the best ones? Here’s our list of the 5 best cryptocurrency podcasts that you can follow.

5 Best Crypto Podcasts for Beginners

Here’s a list of must follow podcasts for crypto beginners.

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

The Bitcoin Knowledge is one of the top crypto podcasts and the brainchild of Trace Mayer. In his podcasts, he interviews all top people in the Bitcoin industry to help listeners and beginners gain insights about cryptocurrency investing. Mayer was an early advocate of Bitcoin.

He first entered the industry when the value of Bitcoin was $0.25 in 2011. The Bitcoin Knowledge podcast is publishing content for over a decade now and has over 200 episodes. You can download the app from both Android and iOS platforms.

The Crypto Street Podcast

The Crypto Street Podcast talks about a host of topics ranging from the future of wealth management to the state of the markets. Founded in 2018 by Dale, Whale, and Prince, this podcast includes interviews with traders, developers, social media personalities, or anyone interested in cryptocurrency. Moreover, along with great content, the podcast also has a brilliant theme song.

Nugget’s News Crypto Podcast

Nugget’s News is run by Alex Saunders, and it is basically a digital media channel. The host covers a wide range of topics such as cryptocurrency, finance, housing, and more. Alex Saunders has several videos uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Most of them are now available as podcasts on iTunes and Spotify for users who’re love to listen more. As the founder himself puts it “delivering interviews, market psychology, sentiment, and fundamentals to help you build your knowledge and navigate the world of cryptocurrency.”


Laura Shin’s Unchained is well-renowned in the crypto community and is one of the most popular crypto podcasts. Unchained is a must-listen podcast from a well-versed blockchain journalist since Laura reported extensively about crypto assets while working for Forbes.

Unchained offers hour-long weekly episodes with regular interviews with the big shots in the crypto world. The podcast topics range from how people started investing in crypto, investment advice, security, taxes, etc.

Crypto Entrepreneurs

If you want to become a crypto trader, Crypto Entrepreneurs is your go-to podcast. This podcast also focuses on entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business in the crypto field.

It covers a vast array of topics and offers content about everything one must know about blockchain and the crypto industry. You can gain the requisite skills required for a successful trader or to start your own business. Give it a shot, and you are sure to like it.


If you are a beginner or an amateur crypto trader, these podcasts can help you immensely in getting better at it. Listen to any one or all of them to gain a deep understanding of cryptocurrency investing.

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