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4 Useful and Must-Have Tech Gadgets for New Parents

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There is no one way to define or express what it feels like to be a parent. It’s a rainbow of different emotions every single moment. And if you are a new parent, just multiply this emotion by 5 times :P. The moment you realize there is a new addition to your family, you start prepping your home and the surroundings to ensure it is baby-friendly in all possible ways. Be it babyproofing the home, setting up your little bundle of joy’s room, getting cute little outfits and matching accessories, building a crib, picking up a baby stroller, and researching all baby products, medicines, and other stuff. And as an addition to this prepping list, parents today are turning to some of the amazing tech gadgets to help them dodge the cute bumpy roads that they have to witness in the initial stages of their parenting journey – at least in the tiniest way possible. We have collated some of the coolest and must-have tech gadgets for new parents. Without further ado, let’s look at the list.

4 useful tech gadgets you should have if you are a new parent

1. Baby monitor

The invention of the baby monitor system is the best gift the inventor could ever give to any parent. This tech gadget is indeed a blessing to all parents.

A baby monitor is basically a baby alarm or a radio system that helps you keep an eye on your infant. Some systems only have an audio facility where you can just hear the sounds your baby makes, while some have video as well, where you can both hear and see what the baby is doing regardless of where you are in the house or any other place.

Imagine your baby is sleeping and you have to finish this important task at hand, be it a work assignment or a household chore. With the help of a baby monitor system, you can now finish your work without the fear of having to rush to the room every now and then just to check if your baby is still sleeping or has woken up. Because the baby monitor system updates you about your child’s movements every second and allows you to keep an eye on them from anywhere in the house. Now, isn’t that amazing?

However, there are a lot of baby monitor options out there in the market. Before buying a baby monitor system, do thorough research on the features each system offers.

2. White noise machine

Does your baby get fussy at times and just doesn’t stop crying? Do you find it difficult to put your baby to sleep? Then gift yourself and your baby a white noise machine.

A white noise machine helps you create a relaxing sleep environment that promotes healthy, high-quality sleep. They do this by producing ambient and natural sounds such as chirping birds and crashing waves – sounds that are known to promote good sleep.

Many doctors and childcare experts in fact suggest playing white noise to help soothe a crying baby. Because white-noise machines can create a comfortable, womb-like environment that calms infants, thereby, getting them to stop crying and fall asleep in the blink of an eye.

Having said that, too much of anything is bad. Likewise, too much exposure to white noise machines can damage infant hearing and auditory development. According to the AAP findings, pediatricians recommend that any white noise machines should be placed at least 7 feet away (200 cm) from your baby’s crib. So, use it with utmost care. 

3. Bottle sterilizer

As a parent, washing your baby’s feeding bottles is a nightmare that you have to go through again and again. If you are like me, I prefer washing the bottles myself. I simply can’t imagine other people washing them :P. What if they don’t wash it properly? What if they don’t sterilize after washing? These fears push me to wash the bottles myself. 

As a matter of fact, germs can grow quickly if breast milk or formula is added to a partially used bottle that hasn’t been cleaned well. And this can cause health issues for your child. You simply cannot afford to take any risks when it comes to your baby. 

Hence, cleaning the feeding bottles just with soap and water is not enough. You need to sterilize them thoroughly. Sterilizing is an extra step to kill adamant germs that refuse to go away with just soap and water.  This is where bottle sterilizer machines can help you.

These bottle sterilizer machines sterilize the bottles for you and all you have to do is just turn on the switch. 

The advantage of this machine is that it helps kill germs in less time. Plus, if you seal the container, all the bottles inside will stay sterilized for an entire day – which you cannot do with the manual sterilization method.

4. Smart thermometer

There is nothing more difficult than sticking a thermometer in an already sick baby’s underarms or mouth. Doing this will only make the baby even crankier. Fortunately, you can avoid this by using a smart thermometer. Trust me, a smart thermometer is the best replacement for your regular thermometer. It gives you fast, professionally accurate, and reliable temperature readings instantly. 

You just need to attach this smart thermometer to your baby’s body via a Band-Aid-style adhesive strip. And once you do this, the next step would be to connect the thermometer through Bluetooth. And as long as your phone is within the range you’ll be able to monitor your child’s temperature from time to time, without disturbing them.

Priyanka Prashob
Priyanka Prashob
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